Signs of the Time

Marion Leary
4 min readAug 23, 2020

The use of art for protests has a long, important history in social justice movements, not least of which includes the use of protest signs that help tell a story. Which is why, the National Museum of American History has an exhibit dedicated to protest, rally, and march signage through the decades, and why they continue to collect them even now during this unprecedented period of unrest.

National Museum of American History, Washington DC — March 31, 2019

I firmly believe showing up and being counted is vitally important to our democracy, but I also believe it is important to visually represent the message you are there to draw attention to.

I’ve been told my sign game is strong…unfortunately I’ve had a lot of opportunities to make it so these past 4 years.

So here are signs from some of the numerous protests my family and I have attended since Trump took office. Like the signs in the National Museum of American History they too tell a story — a nod to the pop culture of the time, local flavor, and themes from protests of the moment. I hope they inspire you to show up and help create something meaningful that lives on!

January 21, 2017 — Women’s March
January 26, 2017 — Trump in Philly
January 29, 2017 — Hate Has No Home Here (PHL Airport)
February 10, 2017 — No Racism
April, 22 2017 — March for Science
June 11, 2017 — Tuesdays With Toomey
January 20, 2018 — Women’s March
March 24, 2018 — March for Our Lives
June 5, 2018 — Trump Disinvites Eagles to the White House
July 12, 2019 — Close The Camps
January 9, 2020 — No War on Iran
May 30, 2020 — Justice for George Floyd
June 1, 2020 — Justice for George Floyd
June 6, 2020 — Justice for George Floyd
June 7, 2020 — White Coats for Black Lives
June 21, 2020 — Queer March for Black Lives.
August 22, 2020 — #SaveThePostOffice

Bonus: These are not protest signs, but they are some of my best work, so I included them. Go Birds!

February 18, 2018 — Eagles Super Bowl Parade



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