Nursing Mutual Aid 2020: A Non-Hierarchical Model for Scholarship Dissemination

Graphics for the Amplify Nursing and RN-Mentor podcasts
Figure 1. Amplify Nursing Podcast Interview; RN-Mentor Podcast Interview.
Example Tweets from the Twitter conference
Figure 2. Example of Tweet Threads: a) Arrianna Marie Planey, PhD; b) Caroline E. Ortiz, MSN MPH RN NC-BC; c) Bill Kinkle RN, EMT-P, CRS
NMA Twitter Post announcing the start of the conference on April 30th 2020
Figure 3. Nursing Mutual Aid Presenter “Teaser” Videos.
NMA 2020 Infographic for presenters
Figure 4. NMA Infographic for Presenters.
Inforgraphic of NMA Statistics from the 2020 Twitter Conference
Figure 5. Infographic of NMA Social Media Statistics.



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Marion Leary

Marion Leary

Science geek. Passionate abt Philly, resuscitation, social media, scicomm, innovation, art, & helping others.